Oct 14

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Rayonier Fernandina Mill

Rayonier Trees
While Rayonier’s Fernandina Mill uses giant logs as its main ingredients, it doesn’t produce what you’d normally expect to see from a pulp mill. This mill produces special performance pulp fibers that are used in chemical cellulose, acetate, electronics, and pharmaceutical products. The Fernandina mill ships its products to Rayonier’s customers around the world. The mill began operations in 1939, and employs about 280 people. The plant sits on 531 acres and contains more than 400,000 square feet of space in three buildings. It is served by First Coast Railroad.

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  1. Johan

    What was the historical reason for Rayonier to move this manufacturing facility onto Amelia Island, even long before there was the Thomas Shave bridge and still at least a mile short of shipping benefits of the Fernandina Port?

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